Small ideas tattoo for big Avengers nerds

Avengers Fans Tattoo

Small ideas tattoo for big Avengers nerds

Do you like it ?

Have you ever read a comic book once in your life? No? I don’t either, but I bet there isn’t a person who hasn’t seen any movie based on the comic. It’s more likely right?

If you like American action cinema, fantasy and superheroes, you’ve definitely seen the movie and even the whole Avengers movie series. Although the last film in the Avengers series premiered in April, fim breaks viewership records and the number of fans is still growing. Of course, this is not the end of the adventures of superheroes. The earliest, because in 2020, the movie about Black Widow will enter the cinemas.

But I’m not about the movie. I want to show you fans who went a step further and made tattoos with their superheroes. Real Avangers fans and their tattoos. Check it out!

There are many more Avengers fan tattoos, but you can’t show them all, that’s why I chose the most interesting ones. If you also have a tattoo from the Avengers team, show off in the comment.

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