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Religious tattoos are always eye-catching, mysterious, and have a deeper meaning, especially for people outside of the cultured circle. In this post, you will be able to see some very cool God Ganesha tattoo ideas and find out what not what about the deity itself. But first, some theory …

Who is Ganesha?

Ganesha, derived from Indian mythology, he is usually depicted as a four-armed man with an elephant head and one tusk. He has four hands, one of which usually holds a tray of sweets. His skin is golden, red or blue. The idol’s attributes are: a book – a symbol of wisdom, a tusk, an ax and a trumpet, i.e. the symbols represent a creative power. Another key point, his big belly is a sign of prosperity, and his horse, which is a rat – of cunning.


In Indian culture, it is a symbol of the inner divine discovery, wisdom. Balance between femininity and masculinity, between greed and generosity. Ganesha is He is the master of success, he is related to trade, he helps to overcome obstacles and bring happiness. Ganesha removes all obstacles and ensures success in all kinds of endeavors. He is also considered the god of abundance and prosperity – as such he patronizes merchants and bankers. It personifies vitality.

Summing up getting Ganesha tattoo will allow you to make sure that your work is moving towards. Safe entrepreneurship as Ganesha is on your side. Ganesha’s God is accompanied by a series of elements that cannot be overlooked. Without a doubt dominant detail in such a tattoo is the elephant’s head. Which signifies wisdom and knowledge, the torso symbolizes power, liberation and efficiency. It is impossible not to notice that this image also includes a snake. For instance it can be wrapped around the neck, waist, or held in one of the hands or wrapped around the ankles. The snake symbolizes the source and strength of life. Some cultures it is a symbol of vitality and the balance between femininity and masculinity.

When deciding to get this tattoo be sure to read more about the god Ganesha. In detail can be modified by adding other symbols or different poses of the idol’s figure itself. At last some inspirational tattoos.

More Ganesha tattoo inspiration look here and here.

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