Zeus tattoo on hand

Zeus Tattoo

Zeus tattoo on hand

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Why did Zeus inspire tattoo masters? In a word, for many years, all gods were worshiped and mythologized. Many cultures based their lifestyle on the ideas of these deities, but most of all on the figure of the great Zeus as the most powerful and dangerous.

Who was Zeus?

In one word, the highest of the gods. The sixth child of Rei and Kronos. Brother of Hestia, Demeter, Hera (also her husband), Poseidon and Hades. Not to mention the ruler of heaven and earth, called “the father of gods and people”. His attributes were thunderbolts, an eagle and a shield called an egid. In Roman mythology, Zeus is identified with Jupiter.

The birth of God

Kronos, the father of Zeus, was cursed by his father, Uranus, whom he had thrown from his throne. This curse would lead one of his own children to deprive him of the throne. So he decided to prevent the prophecy from coming true by devouring his own offspring. Reja, despairing over the loss of more children, and being pregnant for the sixth time. Fled to Crete, where she secretly gave birth to Zeus in a hiding place on a mountain called Dikte. She gave Kronos, who found her, instead of a baby to swallow a stone wrapped in diapers.

Zeus tattoo meaning

The Father of Olympus was one of the most iconic figures of Greek mythology and still has many fans. Given that it is a symbol of power, strength, passion, courage and divinity, and these qualities and feelings can be gathered and immortalized in spectacular tattoos with the figure of Zeus.

Given that his gorgeous looks and the fact that he is a character that, like the rest of the gods belonging to Greek mythology, caused controversy with his human form, is a source of inspiration in creating the most attractive and popular tattoo designs.

For this reason, Zeus appears (in the main or a minor role) in almost all Greek myths. Among those in which it plays a significant role are: Hera’s plot against Zeus, as a result of which Hephaestus is expelled from Olympus, the myth of Prometheus and the myth of the Flood. It is also found in all myths involving quarrels between gods. See the gallery of Zeus tattoos below.

More Zeus tattoo here.

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