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Sacred Geometry Tattoo

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Sacred geometry tattoos use shapes and patterns found in nature that also tie in religious iconography into the designs. In some cultures, it is believed that these tattoos, when worn on certain parts of the body, can heal, restore health, and provide balance. Since there is no strict pattern for artists to follow, tattoo artists usually have creative free range to interpret sacred geometry designs as they see fit.

Most, if not all, sacred geometry tattoos use geometric shapes as their base. Different shapes are also associated with various elements in nature. For example, the cube symbolizes earth, the tetrahedron symbolizes fire, and the icosahedron symbolizes water.

What Are Some Sacred Geometry Tattoo Ideas?

There are several different common sacred tattoo geometry designs to choose from. Some of which include:The Flower of LifeThe flower of life is a jumping off point for artists to create complex patterns. This design was originally and commonly used to create architecture, and geometric and ornamental artwork all around the world.Metatron’s CubeMetatron’s Cube is a variation of the flower of life. This is a shape that was commonly celebrated by Eastern and Western religious groups and was also incorporated into designs in temples, altars, religious monuments, and churches.Chambered Nautilus Shell or Mathematical PatternsTattoo artists who specialize in sacred geometry tattoos do their work exclusively in black ink. Some will divert from that standard and add pops of colour within the designs. In these types of patterns, dot work and pointillism are seen within the tattoo.Sacred Geometry Tattoo SleevesMany customers go one step further and take the sacred geometry design all the way to a full sleeve. Some popular sleeves incorporate mandalas and abstract designs. In these cases, the tattoo artist will use circles, hexagons, and other geometric shapes as building blocks for the design and then place shading and dot work between the lines to add depth and intricacy.

Are Sacred Geometry Tattoos Really Sacred?

Contrary to popular belief, sacred geometry tattoos are not attached to any belief system if you do not want them to be. Most sacred geometry tattoos are complex, original designs that incorporate shapes, dots, and shadings in order to come out with intricate and interesting patterns.

While some artists look to M.C. Escher, an early 20th Century graphic artist, for inspiration, others gain inspiration from mandalas and unusual geometric designs that present themselves in nature or in other forms of artwork. No matter the design, symmetry is a large part of sacred geometry tattoos.

According to most tattoo artists, those clients who regularly get sacred geometry tattoos do so because they feel a strong personal and spiritual connection with the artwork and it’s aesthetic. In fact, some feel that people with sacred geometry tattoos have a profound respect for shapes and designs and how their intricacies work together to make the world a unique and interesting place.

But What About Synchronicities?

While some tattoo artists do not think sacred geometry tattoos are religiously sacred, others believe that the geometry behind the tattoo itself is what makes the style sacred. In fact, many temples, cathedrals, and pyramids were created by using specific shapes and number patterns. Some even feel that the body’s own geometry is strikingly similar to that of a nautilus shell, and thus feel spiritually drawn to sacred geometry tattoos.

Should We Be Wary of Trends?

Many tattoo artists feel that sacred geometry tattoos are designs and styles that should be deeply and thoroughly studied. Even though these designs are trendy at the moment, tattoo artists caution that people who desire these designs should do their homework and have a strong idea of what it is they want and why. In fact, these types of tattoos should have a special meaning to the person getting them.*

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