Amazing rose tattoo
Tattoo Designs for Women Arm,Rose Rose arm tattoo ideas

Rose arm tattoo ideas

Amazing rose tattoo

Do you like it ?

“Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
sugar is sweet,
And so are you.” <3

Roses are not only a beautiful flower but have been popular choice for both men and women for a tattoo since the 1930’s; but what does the rose symbolize.  Your first thought may be in regard to its delicate beauty or its representation of love, inner and outer beauty and whilst you would be right there is also so much more to this beautiful flower.

Did you know that the number of petals on a rose is associated with numerology, and whether or not your rose is open or still in bud.   The colour you choose for your rose will have a different meaning; the Victorians loved roses and assigned different meanings to the different colors.

A yellow rose symbolizes joy, protection against envious lovers, and a mature love.

White roses symbolize purity, mysticism, and a secret admirer.

Red roses are typically thought of as symbolizing romance or passionate love, but they also represent sacrifice or memorial.

Pink roses are representative of healing, first love, and innocence.

Blue roses signify the unattainable or the impossible.

Black roses are a symbol of death and farewell. (This is not necessarily morbid; it can carry a message of memorial.)


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