Paw print tattoo

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Paw print tattoo is a perfect design for cats and dogs lovers. It works more on an emotional level than on an intellect level.

Dogs are undoubtedly some of the favorite animals to some people. They are loyal, reliable, full of love and respect for their owners. That’s why it doesn’t surprise us that so many dog owners want to put their paws on their bodies.

When it comes to dog paw tattoos, they particularly express loyalty, love, and affection for your dog. For many people owning a dog feels like having a friend, a companion that follows them everywhere and watches over them.

Dog paw tattoos are a subtle way to appreciate your beloved pet, show the world your love for dogs, or showcase your animal side. A tattoo of a dog paw can also represent the need for guidance and protection, just like dogs will protect your property from intruders.


These gorgeous tattoos are a beautiful way to wear your pet closer to your heart. You have many options – from watercolour splashes to bold blackwork tattoos.

Some people will illustrate a random paw from the internet and show it to their tattoo artist. But a lot more people go as far as 3D printing the paw of their dog or use the normal print of the paw.

You can use many ideas. For example: the face of the dog in the paw print, the paw print with infinity tattoo, memorial tattoo idea – paw print with angel wings, dog paw tattoo covered or shaped with flowers. You can also add the name of your pet on the tattoo design. You can make it large and rich or minimalistic and small.

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