Sexy script on women collarbone tattoo ideas

Sexy Collarbone Tattoo

Sexy script on women collarbone tattoo ideas

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One of the most interesting places for a tattoo is the collarbone. However, women who choose this place are relatively few. A pity, because the collarbone is one of the many places where the tattoo looks amazing and sexy. Collarbone is often overlooked because it is so visible and sore for the sensitive. However, this should not discourage you.

The collarbone tattoo doesn’t have to be big. The sexiest ones look delicate, drawn along the collarbone. I have prepared for you a gallery of the most sexy and at the same time delicate ideas for a tattoo collarbone.

If you’re thinking of a new tattoo, consider a collarbone. The ankle, wrist, abdomen and back are popular locations, but what about the collarbone? This is an undeniably tempting place that you can easily hide and show off.

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