Eye of Horus tattoo

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If you are looking for tattoo inspiration that contains rich symbolism and deep meaning, maybe this Eye of Horus tattoo is for you.

The mysterious Eye of Horus is one of the most famous symbols from ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians used it as a symbol of protection, royal power, and good health. This is probably why the Eye of Horus tattoos are so popular even today among other Egyptian tattoos. 

Egyptians often made funeral amulets in the shape of the Eye of Horus. The symbol “was intended to protect the pharaoh in the afterlife” and to ward off evil. Ancient Egyptian and Middle-Eastern sailors would frequently paint the symbol on the bows of their vessels to ensure safe sea travel.


Horus was the ancient Egyptian sky god who was usually depicted as a falcon. His right eye was associated with the sun god, Ra. The eye symbol represents the marking around the eye of the falcon, including the “teardrop” marking sometimes found below the eye. The mirror image, or left eye, sometimes represented the moon and the god Djehuti (Thoth).

In one myth, when Set and Horus were fighting for the throne after Osiris’s death, Set gouged out Horus’s left eye. Thot restored most of the eye. When Horus regained his eye, he offered it to his father, Osiris, in the hope of bringing Osiris back to life. Therefore, the eye of Horus was often used as a symbol of sacrifice, healing, restoration and protection.Hence, the eye of Horus was often used to symbolise sacrifice, healing, restoration, and protection.

Because Thoth used magic to restore the eye, the ancient Egyptians believed that it had healing and protective powers. They used it as a protective Amulets and created the symbol with a variety of materials and used them as jewelry for both the living and the dead.


Following are some of the reasons for getting Eye of Horus as a Tattoo:

-It can serve as a reminder of the fire that lives inside
-Increase the affinity for the serpent and the falcon
-It can also serve as a mark to signify a transition or cycle in a person’s life
-It serves as a symbol of protection for you.
-The symbol is also connected to learning and knowledge.
-It also signifies perspective. The symbol can mean that the person is striving for gaining perspective of other people
-It can also be seen as an honor to the old Egyptian traditions, culture and religion and an tribute to the ancient god Horus


You can have only the eye tattoo just by itself. You can also juxtapose the symbol with a hyper-realistic eye. But a lot of people combine it with other symbols like an ankh or a scarab. You can also incorporate other mythological elements or elements of your choice with the eye. This tattoo is typically all black with simple lines. However adding a bit of color can make it pop more. There is some really cool Eye of Horus tattoos in watercolor as well.

Tattoo placements depend on the size and the design of your tattoo. For a small Eye of Horus tattoo, the best spots are the wrist, ankle, back of the neck and behind the ear. If you want to get a bigger tattoo, then the calf, arm, forearm, back, or chest will provide more space.

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