Chest piercing

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Chest piercing is also known as a sternum piercing. It’s located on your breastbone. It can draw attention to your cleavage. Or simply offer a little more intrigue to your chest area.

A chest (sternum) piercing is a type of surface piercing that’s located on any point along the sternum (breastbone). Although sternum piercings are often placed vertically between the breasts, they may also be done horizontally.

This type of body modification can be a unique way to change your appearance. It will certainly add to your seksapil and femininity. While sternum piercings are traditionally a type of surface piercing, some people opt for dermal implants to create a more subtle look.

Like any other type of piercing, you need to care of your sternum piercing correctly. Otherwise you can face infections and health problems. All piercings are like open wounds, so they need proper wound care to heal correctly.

If you want to get a sternum piercing safely, you should make sure you work with a trained professional piercer. Getting your piercing is a quick process. After the piercing procedure your piercer will give you information about caring for your piercing. Follow their instructions on how to wash and protect your new sternum piercing so it heals quickly and without any infections.

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