Virgin Mary tattoo

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Virgin Mary is one of the most important figures in the Christianity. If you are religious, Virgin Mary tattoo can enhance your spirituality.

Mother of God

People commonly call the Mother of Jesus Christ: Mary, Mother of God, Mother Mary, Saint Mary and the Virgin Mary. In the Bible, Mary became miraculously pregnant by means of the holy spirit. Then she gave birth to Christ while she was a virgin. Some Christians worship her as the mother of Christ. While others believe that she’s more depicted in the Scriptures as a follower of Jesus, and only chosen to give birth to him.

Her role was no easy feat. King Herod ordered to slaughter all the infants everywhere when Jesus was born. So Mary had to flee to Egypt to escape the massacre and save her child. Despite the hardships she had to go through, Mary became an instrument of faith. She stayed committed in her role of bringing to life God’s promised son. At the end of her earthly life, God raised Mary’s body directly into heaven. This is what the believers call Mary’s Assumption.

Tattoo Designs

Virgin Mary tattoos reflect the Christian faith. They are inspired by icons and paintings in churches. Some Christians decided to incorporate her image in their body art to show their devotion. In the Scriptures, she set a fine example of humility, spirituality, obedience and faith, which also contributes to the overall meaning of the tattoo.

She is unquestionably the symbol of purity and motherly affection. She always comes forward as a source of comfort, restoring faith and happiness in her believers. To sum up, meanings of Virgin Mary tattoos are a reflection of her life. They represent: motherly affection, faith, commitment, humility, sacrifice.

Most people decide for a tattoo of the Virgin Mary done in muted black and gray ink. The tattoo designs are inspired by the historic blessed Virgin Mary paintings, sculptures, and other forms of art. Moreover tattoo artists use their creativity to create “her” likeness in their unique style. Traditional tattoos feature bold lines and strategic shading, which makes them classic. On contrary to realism and blackwork, the linework tattoo looks simpler and understated. 

Some tattoo artists depict her with other religious symbols like cross, rosary, dove, sacred heart or rose. In some designs, she’s portrayed holding her hands together in prayer. Sometimes she is crying. Some tattoos have traditional images of the religious figure, such as the Our Lady of Guadalupe, while others look more of a portrait of a woman.

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