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Funny toe ink designs

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Not too many people allow themselves to get this kind of tattoo. However, funny toe ink designs are original and funky.

The toes are an unpopular body part for tattoo placement. Only a few allow themselves to do so. This is because the placement itself is painful and quite hard to spot. You can’t get it if your pain tolerance is not impressive. Because the placement is right on the bone, making it impossible to withstand the pain while tattooing.

Finger tattoos have no significant meaning or symbolism. They are a kind of funky and fun look. This is an excellent choice for people or those who like to stick to something different and quirky. If you want to give your ink a symbolic meaning focus on using the right signs and symbols in the design.

This is where emoticon-style tattoos look good. Smiley tattoos will suit you if you wish to hide your print from others. This one will look the best on guys and girls who have a quirky side to them. It will look good once hidden from others, while still being a delicate little design for different age groups.

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