Simple tattoo designs

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Simple tattoo designs are quite catchy and pretty cool. You can express yourself and tell your story trough your tattoo. Moreover simple or small design don’t mean that they have less impact or look less cool than those big extensive tattoos.

If you want to add art onto your skin without having huge or overly-thick tattoos, think about cute simple tattoo. Those kind of tattoos are the best choice because they’re easier to hide and they’re quite charming without being too overpowering. So women nowadays try more of those cool and small tattoos. They ink them mostly on their neck, wrist, fingers, ankles or forearms.

Obviously even a simple tattoo can have a large impact. You can choose even a one symbol or word that delineates you and your emotions. Ink it and let your tattoo describe who you are. You can even make this your daily motivation.

Simple tattoos don’t require complicated embellishments and many elements. In your design you can use for example thin lines and add little splashes of color here and there. For small tattoos

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