Tattoo healing

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Tattoo healing is an important part of a perfect tattoo. Caring for a fresh tattoo is an extremely critical step that you need to take seriously.

Tattoo healing is a very important process. Its course influences how your tattoo will look like in the final phase. In order to avoid unnecessary infections and damages you should follow some important rules.

Tattoo healing rules:

  • A tattoo is an open wound. You should handle it with care. Especially in the later days, when the epidermis starts to peel as a result of healing. Wounds heal better when they have access to oxygen, so do not keep your tattoo under wraps for longer than 8-10 hours (one day maximum).
  • After removing the foil, the tattooed skin needs to be cleaned well. Use specialised products for cleaning fresh tattoos. In addition to cleaning, they promote healing. Finally rinse the skin with cold water and dry it with a paper towel. Do not rub the towel over the tattoo, just press it gently.
  • Use tattoo care products. These are specialised creams and they are exclusively for tattooed skin. In addition to being well-moisturised, they also provide soothing relief from pain and itching. By using these creams you can be sure that the tattoo will keep its appearance and the healing process will be much more pleasant. You should lubricate it every day from 3 to 4 times, every few hours.
  • Hygiene and the avoidance of pollution are important in order to avoid unpleasant skin infections.

Fresh tattoo aftercare:

  • Wrapping a tattoo in foil is mainly to protect the area from external factors, which is especially important at the very beginning. However, you must not overdo it. For the skin to heal quickly and correctly it needs access to air to be able to breathe freely.
  • Before your tattoo heals completely, avoid sunlight directly on the tattoo. This is very important because the sun has a destructive effect on the colours which will fade. Wear loose clothing that doesn’t cling to your skin and cover up your tattoo.
  • Give up alcohol when getting a fresh tattoo. Drinking alcohol, especially the alcohol with a high alcohol content does not have a very good effect on a fresh tattoo. This is because alcohol present in the body makes the tattooed skin heal worse. In addition it thins the blood. This can show in worse colour quality after full healing. Moreover the tattoo will be noticeably faded.
  • We say a definite NO to gyms and swimming pools. You can cause mechanical damage to your tattoo while exercising at the gym. Besides the body during an intense workout emits a lot of sweat which is not conducive to the healing process. And at the swimming pool a wide range of chemicals will also not have a good effect on irritated skin with a fresh tattoo. Moreover, long exposure to water with a new tattoo is not advisable.
  • Care of a fresh tattoo takes 2-3 weeks.

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