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Traditionally, an angel wings symbolizes protection. An angel tattoo describes a guardian who is literally a messenger from God. An angel’s wings allows them to travel to and from heaven to help in your time of need.

Angel wings tattoo are also often linked to the passing of family and loved ones. With those lost transitioning into a protective guardian angel to watch over the wearer. 

Wings tattoo can be commonly associated with both birds and angels. Tattoo depictions of these often look very much alike, with a specific portion of the tattoo design differentiating. 

The angel wing tattoos style can be purely a depiction of religious faith, However symbolism that features an angel’s wings takes on new meaning with the idea of protection and guidance. 

Angel or other religious symbology into your wings tattoo is a good method of adding further meaning to your body art. Utilizing crosses, halos, and different application style depictions such as black ink or feathers creates contrasts within designs, so you’re able to communicate your idea effectively. 

For most of us, an angel wings tattoo design associates itself with the notion that everyone has a guardian angel watching over them. Serving as a reminder that we can provide ourselves with judgement from a perceived positive outside influence. 

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