Tiny cherry tattoo

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If you areIf you’re looking for cool and fresh tattoo ideas, you should choose a cherry image, for sure. Tiny cherry tattoo is an incredibly cute idea.

Cherry is the edible fruit of the cherry tree Prunus Avium, of which there are more than 600 varieties. It is also known as wild cherry or sweet cherry. The cherry is a drupa of spherical form, of color usually intense red until almost black. The cherry tree is one of the most common fruit trees.

This fruit is consumed fresh or in cakes, mousses, jams and fruit stews. The larger cherries are usually the ones with better taste and texture. It has a low fat content and no cholesterol. Its energetic value comes mainly from the carbohydrates.

It’s easy to guess that a cherry tattoo is a sensual and feminine symbol. Moreover it represents a passion, a love and an intensity. You can also find that a cherry tattoo symbolizes a purity and an innocence.

The colorful cherry tattoos are most common than black ones. So if you want to add more colors to your life and image, then you should pick up red, pink or marsala cherry project. Also interesting and diverse are black cherry trees or just the outlines.

This kind of tattoo looks extremely tasteful as a small tattoo. You can place tiny cherry on your finger, foot, wrist or behind the ear. It will look stunning there!

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