Pineapple Tattoo

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The special structure of pineapple has inspired art, architecture and even tattoo artists. In fact, pineapple tattoo designs are really popular recently. Inked on the skin, a pineapple tattoo can express your warmth, cheerful and friendly character, and will emit fresh tropical vibes.


Pineapple is a large tropical fruit with a spiky, tough skin and sweet insides. When European explorers came across it in South America in the 17th century, they called it a pineapple because of its pinecone appearance.

For centuries, pineapples were so rare that only very wealthy people could afford to buy them. Some people even rented the exotic fruit to display at dinner parties. Today, they grow in tropical and subtropical countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, India, and China. Grocers and markets carry them all over the world. 


Pineapples symbolizes  hospitality, friendship and warmth. It is also considered an expression of “welcome”. It is especially an important symbol to southern states and warm areas. Also, Chinese feng shui dictates that the pineapple is the fruit of wealth and prosperity.

So if you like pineapples, be like a pineapple: stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside 🙂 You can expres it in many styles and form of tattoo. A pineapple tattoo can be make in all styles, colours and sizes. If you’re thinking of getting one then consider some inspiration and ideas. You may go for extremly stylish tattoo on wrist or ankle. It can be small and cute and only black sketching. But i could be also big and geometric or with the splash of colours, which is done with watercolour. Always make sure you choose a tattoo which has some relevance in your life

Some of the best pineapple tattoo designs are shown below.

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