Ankle bracelet tattoo

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A tattoo in the form of a bracelet is a timeless reminder of the jewellery that adorns women’s bodies. Ankle bracelet tattoo is a great idea.

An ankle bracelet tattoo essentially acts as an ornament for your ankle. Just like most people wear bracelets as an ornament or a piece of jewelry on their hands, some people also choose to get a permanent bracelet tattooed on their ankles.

Ankle bracelet tattoos are indeed a unique twist to timeless tattoos on ankle. It is a completely exceptional and different type of tattoo. The designs of this ink can come in many shapes and sizes.

Most simple ankle tattoo ideas consist of minimal contours and lines which actually resemble a sleek and beautiful bracelet. Interesting are tattoos in the form of, for example: thin chains with stones, rosary, string with feathers or garland of flowers on the ankle.

One of the coolest ankle tattoos is a charms bracelet. You can show everything that is important to you in it. Use your hobbies and some mementos that were important to you in the design. This kind of artwork looks tiny and delicate. Moreover, if the tattoo artist adds some shadows under each charm, the ink will look more realistic. You can personalize this kind of tattoo by adding what is meaningful to you such as flowers, symbols, friends initials etc.

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