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The great cartoon “My neighbor Totoro” can be an inspiration for a beautiful Totoro tattoo. This is a great object for tattoo art. If you’re a fan of Japanese animation, then you’re definitely familiar with this funny character.


“My Neighbor Totoro” is a 1988 Japanese animated fantasy film. Hayao Miyazaki wrote and directed this masterpiece. The film was made by the Studio Ghibli. The film tells the story of a professor’s two young daughters (Satsuki and Mei) and their interactions with friendly wood spirits in post-war rural Japan.

In short, set in post-war Japan, the film tells the story of two sisters who move into a new house and discover that there is a forest inhabited by magical creatures nearby. Totoro, the guardian spirit of the forest, ends up forming a great friendship with the girls. Moreover he show them a fantastic world and teaching them about the truths of life.

The character of Totoro is mysterious but creates a great relationship of respect, protection, and comfort with children. The film is a beautiful and sensitive story. It shows Totoro accompanying the girls on their adventures, taking care of them during a difficult time for them.

The film won numerous awards and absolutely had a great impact on contemporary culture. Thanks to this story Totoro gained fans all over the world.


No wonder such a nice character became an inspiration for tattoos. In fact Totoro tattoo can have different meanings. The original tattoo in the form of Totoro will mean faith in a miracle, fairy tale, kindness, sincerity, love of nature. Sometimes it expresses nostalgia and the desire to return to childhood. It can also represent your interest in Japanese culture and anime art.

This tattoo will look beautiful as a design full of vibrant, saturated colors with elements of nature. Then it is very eye-catching and original. For the less adventurous, a simple graphic in shades of gray will work. It is worth to pay attention to accuracy of details in your design.

In addition it is possible to make an attractive tattoo with Totoro on any part of the body — on the back, arm, leg, sides. Check out our gallery!

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