Cool twig leaf tattoo between breasts
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Leaf Tattoo Between The Breasts

Cool twig leaf tattoo between breasts

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A tattoo between the breasts is a rather unusual place for any tattoo design, so only really resolute and brave women decide on it. Some time ago you could read and view a similar gallery of tattoos. At that time I was writing about the unalome symbol between my breasts. Here you have the link if you want to see it. In turn, here an here you can see some interesting tattoos under the bust.

Until recently, tattoos under the bust were very fashionable. Now women have gone a step further. An unobtrusive, stylish and very sexy tattoo between the breasts, called “underboob” can have many motifs. Flowers, mandalas, solar symbols, runic signs, mandalas or geometric figures. It all depends on you and your creativity. One thing is certain – here all tattoos look beautiful and extremely sensual.

Today I would like to show you some pictures of tattoos between breasts that I selected. As you can guess from the title, the main element of the tattoo are the leaves. Or rather a single branch with leaves that wraps around the breast.

I was very interested in the place for the tattoo, i.e. between the breasts. The leaf pattern is also very interesting curved twig twisted. Although very beautiful, it’s probably not that popular yet. And how do you like it?

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