Tattoo Designs for Women Lower back,Tattoo Theme Lower back tattoos 2017 – hot or not ?

Lower back tattoos 2017 – hot or not ?

Do you like it ?

Long time we made post about lower back tattoo designs. It’s very sexual place so be careful picking the design because you might regret it and even want to remove it later. Here are some links to earlier posts:

Lower Back Tattoos

Lower back tattoo designs for women

Lower back butterfly tattoo designs

Now take look at Khloe Kardashian: she hates the tattoo she had inked onto her back aged 19.  Now she is 32 and She said: “I added angel wings when my dad died and added the word daddy and not realizing at 19 that’s like a sexual place to put a tattoo.”

Here is a link to full story:


Now as always its time for gallery, we tried to find new pictures from 2017 but you might already seen some of it 😉

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