Cross stitch tattoo

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Tattoo artists across the world have been inking embroidery and cross stitch onto skin. It’s the perfect combination of craft and punk. And obviously it has an amazing effect.

People used cross stitch for ages on textile as one of the oldest embroidery techniques. It is known as a counted-thread embroidery technique. Thanks to the way the stitcher measures the spacing so that each X-shaped stitch is of a uniform size. This embroidery style gets its name from these X-shaped stitches. And moreover, this methodical approach gives cross stitch designs their distinct pixelated look.

Embroidery and tattooing have a lot in common. They both require a needle to get started, involve a fair bit of poking, and produce equally intricate styles of art – the only difference is the canvas. This tattoo style look pretty cool and interesting.

These tattoos create the effect of cross stitch embroidery with x-shaped stitches and a pixelated look. It’s a unique design that combines craft and body art. Instead of dark outlines, the tattoo is known for its colorful and unique patterns. You can also combine this style with other tattoo styles.

A great thing, tattoo artists come up with complex compositions such as floral motifs, portraits, abstract patterns, pixel art, 3D embroidery, and cartoon character designs. Those tattoo designs can be modern, classic or anywhere in between. Indeed this is a fresh and interesting idea to try in ink world.

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