Embroidery tattoo

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Nowadays embroidery tattoo is indeed popular in the tattoo industry. It is quite a modern trend but it comes from old embroidery techniques.

Embroidery is the general name of various decorative patterns embroidered on fabrics by needle and thread. It’s the art of using needles and treads to add human design and production to any fabric that exist.

Embroidery tattoos can have many elements and styles, based on the tattoo artist’s skill. The two main methods are-cross stitch embroidery tattoos and the satin-stitch style embroidery tattoos. Cross stitch tattoos have designs formed by tiny ‘x’ marks, while in the satin-stitch method, the tattoos look just like a real embroidered cloth patch. It’s also a contribution to embroidery that we can combine tradition with modern perfectly, and let the traditional art form survive forever in another way.

Embroidery tattoo effects mimic the stitch texture of embroidered fabric usualy floral patterns. And also some of more the classical styles – cartoon character, sports motif, 3D tattoos and superhero badges.

In those tattoos artists use bright and vibrant colors with any shading achieved in the same manner as an embroidered patch. Embroidery tattoos require specialized tattooing skills. The amazing talent of these tattoo artists makes the results look like real embroidery. The most successful embroidery tattoos look like a patch that you can iron or stitch on to clothing. But it’s actually not, it’s just ink. It is amazing and really eye catching!

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