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Yakuza TattoosYakuza Tattoos

Do you like it ?Yakuza tattoos are a source of fascination for many tattoo lovers. The high level of secrecy surrounding the tattoos. Combined with the painful method of “hand-poking” the designs and the association with the Japanese underworld gives

Pokemon tattoos !Pokemon tattoos !

Do you like it ?It is time for Pokémon tattoos ! Probably everyone with smartphone heard about Pokemon Go – thanks to this popular game pokemons were back! Fans all over the world went crazy! Catch them all 😉 It

Dragon TattoosDragon Tattoos

Do you like it ?Dragon tattoos have been always very popular. Dragon is a fantasy icon and have been found in so many civilization. These designs are fashionable in almost every region of the world, whether it’s western, eastern or