• Arm
  • Tattoos For Couples

    Partner tattoo ideas on arm
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    Do you like it ?Matching tattoo designs are a beautiful way to show and emphasize love for another person. More and more couples are choosing similar tattoos. In this way they want to show their relationship and celebrate their love. People who wanted to impress their feelings most often decided to tattoo the name of […]

  • Knee
  • Amazing tattoos above knee

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    Do you like it ?This was going to be gallery about stars and flowers above knee… but there is not enough pictures with good quality. That is why this time there is no theme gallery only tattoo placement. BTW here is a great tattoo “pain” chart – you can see that place above knee is […]

  • Cute
  • Small cute tattoos on earlobe

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    Do you like it ?Small cute tattoos on earlobe. Tattooing is the best way to express your individuality and the way of thinking. Tattoos may not be very loud or visible always. Getting a tattoo on your ear or in the ear area is not the most popular area. But, it does not mean that […]

  • Dragon
  • Dragon Tattoos

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    Do you like it ?Dragon tattoos have been always very popular. Dragon is a fantasy icon and have been found in so many civilization. These designs are fashionable in almost every region of the world, whether it’s western, eastern or European. Dragon tattoos designs imply a rock-solid message devoid of the need to be terrifying, […]

  • Flower
  • Flower on wrist tattoo designs

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    Do you like it ?The flower wrist tattoo can wrap around your wrist with inked vines that form words, or an inked chain of flowers wrapping around your wrist can be a permanent flower bracelet to complement your style. With a little imagination and a good tattoo artist, your flower wrist tattoos can be easily […]