Cloud on a colored sky background tattoo

Cloud Tattoo

Cloud on a colored sky background tattoo

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One of the hallmarks of the art of tattooing is symbolism. This means that this practice can carry many hidden messages in each drawing. Among the most popular tattoo designs are those that are closely related to spiritism. We will tell you about them today, and this group includes the image of the cloud tattoo.

Cloud tattoo can have a variety of meanings depending on the culture, the form they take, and the elements used for a given composition.

The meaning

In Greco-Roman mythology, the clouds refer to the abode of gods such as Mount Olympus. Moreover, the clouds, when depicted in large sizes, in this culture are a symbol of happiness and fulfillment, and in cases when they are tattooed in dark colors, they symbolize a tribute to difficult days. While far east culture believes that clouds mean passage, death, that is, the moment when the soul goes on the most extraordinary journey. On the other hand the Japanese, associate with clouds happiness and peace, which are brought by the natural balance of natural forces – they are associated with elements such as water and wind.

Usually the cloud theme in tattoos is never the only element of the design. Cloud tattoos are usually part of a larger landscape composition. Contain a mixture of different graphic elements that individually and as a group have infinite meanings. If you want just such a large tattoo, you need to understand the meaning of each of the elements.

A cloud tattoo is often tattooed in the form of one subtle design. Especially popular with women.

Below are some cool cloud tattoo ideas. I’ll see for myself.

More cloud tattoo inspiration here.

The cloud pattern is closely related to Japan. Here and here you can find some such tattoos, and here are some Yakuza tattoos.

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