Magical memory frame tattoo for women design
Tattoo Designs for Women Forearm,Frame,Watercolor Memory Frame Tattoo On Forearm

Memory Frame Tattoo On Forearm

Magical memory frame tattoo for women design

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In the modern tattoo industry, Korea is the cradle of delicate, miniature and unusual tattoos.

The works of the amazing artist EQ attract with their simplicity and accuracy as well as their size. A tattoo enclosed in a small rectangle tells stories in a long, thin format that the artist himself calls Frame. Their small size reveals only a scrap of the entire composition – giving the impression that we are watching these scenes through a crack in the door.

Check out the memory frame forearm tattoos below, then follow the EQ on Instagram to see what he’s working on right now.

All romantic persons must pay attention to the creativity of EQ. Perhaps you also want to capture a pleasant moment of memory in your personal Frame.

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