Leshy tattoo

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Leshy is a character from the Wiedzmin universe and a figure from Slavic legends. Tattoo with Leshy has elements of fantasy and horror. It is very interesting and eye-catching.


People call Leshy also as leshen or spriggan. It is a forest monster which people describe as something that “lives only to kill”. When they kill something or someone, they do not leave much for any carrion eaters.

In short: in Slavic mythology, the term “leshy” comes from the Slavic term for “forest” (“les”). Historically, Slavs held great respect for forests, mountains and water. A leshy was something akin to a master of the forest. It was everywhere in the forest and disapproved of people entering its domain, but never left the forest. If a human spied a leshy in the forest, it was most likely that he had lost his way. Folk tales told that to find his path again, he had to turn all his clothing inside-out.

Indeed Leshens in The Witcher 3 are ancient and powerful forest spirits. Possessing a deer skull as a head and tree-like limbs, a leshen can call for aid from crows or a pack of wolves. Unquestionably it is a very dangerous creature that hunts woodland creatures and lone wanderers.


Leshy as a fictional character does not have a strictly defined character form. So in this case the tattoo design is limited only by your imagination and your tattoo master.

Leshy tattoo is usually inspired by an image from the game The Witcher. As a rule, these designs are in black ink or grey scale. The blackness of the drawing emphasises the horror and mystery of the character. In this kind of tattoo looks great white ink which additionally emphasizes the dark image.

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