Spider Web Tattoo

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Although they are sometimes portrayed negatively, spider web tattoos are still a popular tattoo choice. They are classified as an old school tattoo design, and even though these tattoos can represent negative elements, they can also symbolize positive attributes. Spider web tattoos are commonly found on men, and they are often included in themed tattoo designs. They are most commonly inked on the elbows.

In this article, we will discuss and view spider web tattoos and designs. We will also talk about meanings and the history of these tattoos. We hope that you are able to leave inspired with ideas for your next tattoo.


As you have read, the spider web tattoo represents both positive and negative meanings. It is important that you learn and fully understand all the meanings behind this design. Below are some meanings and symbols associated with the tattoo.

  • Incarceration
  • Death
  • Beauty
  • Design
  • Magic
  • Protection
  • Safety
  • Prison
  • Radical
  • White Supremacy
  • Evil
  • Creativity

As you have already read in this article, it is very important to know what this tattoo can stand for and represent.It may take decades, if not longer, for the spider web tattoo to shake such negative associations. It is possible that it never will.

Other Symbols Used With the Web

This tattoo can also be designed with several different symbols. Of course, the most popular is the spider.

Black Widow Spider

The most popular spider chosen for this tattoo is the black widow. The black widow is a deadly spider famous for its bright red hourglass symbol located on its back. The female black widow is also known for eating her mate once she no longer has a need for him. The black widow may represent death, evil, power, or strength. It is also possible that one may choose the black widow tattoo to symbolize a near-death experience.

Other Options

Besides spiders, there are a few different symbols that can be considered:

  • Since they are usually inked on the elbows, someone may consider getting a star inked on the ball of the elbow.
  • You could use a few different symbols, such as a heart, diamond, or a skull.
  • Since these tattoos are often viewed as a dark symbol, such tattoo designs may include graves, vampires, or other Gothic symbols.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo

There are some important things you should remember before you go to get tattooed.Make sure you take the time to research your tattoo and understand what it fully means. The spider web tattoo is one of those tattoo symbols that holds both positive and negative meanings. You don’t want to get a tattoo and find out later it means the complete opposite.

Many people get tattoos on impulse. Truth be told, most of them regret that decision later on down the road. Remember, this is something that you will wear for the rest of your life. Even with our technology today, not all tattoos can be fixed. Make sure you are completely satisfied with your choice before you get inked.*

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