Map of the world tattoo on forearm
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Map Of The World Tattoo On Forearm

Map of the world tattoo on forearm

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Map of the world tattoo is a great pattern for people who want to express their passion for traveling. Open people often choose this topic. Like movement and adventures, do not sit in one place and want to explore the world.

Depending on the size, it can be placed anywhere on the body. Any technique can be use. The world map shaped tattoo has many variations of motive, colors and sizes. There is no assigned sex – both men and women tattoo it. To be more creative, combine the outline of the world globe with geographical directions, compass, flowers or you can, for example, add an airplane.

The possibilities are many and below you have some of the most interesting examples of a tattoo of the world map on your forearm.

Did you like the gallery this world map tattoo on forearm? Do you have similar tattoos? Or maybe you did a similar trip away from home? Show how you expressed your love for traveling.

You prefer further travels into space, for example? Be sure to see these tattoos.

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