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Howl’s Moving Castle tattoos

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Howl’s Moving Castle tattoos are real eye-catching masterpieces. It’s a great option if you’re a fan of the amazing Studio Ghibli films.


Howl’s Moving Castle is a 2004 Japanese animated fantasy film. Hayao Miyazaki written and directed this story. The film is loosely based on the 1986 novel of the same name by British author Diana Wynne Jones. Toshio Suzuki produced this animation and Studio Ghibli animated it.

In short, the action takes place in a fictional kingdom where magic and technology from the early 20th century prevails. The backdrop is a war with another kingdom. It tells the story of a young, content milliner named Sophie. Witch enters her shop and curses her by turning her into an old woman. Sofie meets the wizard Howl and becomes involved in his resistance to fighting in defence of the king.

The film is thematically significantly different from the novel. While the novel focuses on challenging class and gender norms, the film focuses on love, personal loyalty and the destructive effects of war. Like many Ghibli films, it promoted anti-war sentiments and a strong message on the power of compassion.


A Howl’s moving castle tattoos designs are a great way to appreciate the film. You can get a tattoo inspired by Studio Ghibli animations with your favourite characters. This way you will have the fantasy world with you wherever you go.

Designs for this type of tattoo usually feature the main characters of the story such as: Sophie Hatter, Howl, Witch of the Waste, Calcifer, Suliman, Heen, Turnip Head. Specific scenes from this wonderful animation are also popular. The amazing design is also the title moving castle itself, which is very impressive. These tattoos look good both in simple black line, grayscale and fully coloured.

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