Dotwork masterpieces

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Dotwork tattoo style is currently experiencing a renaissance. Dotwork masterpieces are beautiful and are the essence of excellent ink.

Dot – a small element and can do so much. Just this element in the hands of the artist creates beautiful patterns, such as mandala or ornamental. Tattoos made of dots, patterns colloquially called “dots” by some, are extremely phenomenal works. Here the space-mathematical imagination has only one limit – the human body.

Dotwork is a unique style that is very different from all others. Its main feature is dot practice. Moreover color intensity is affected by the density of the dots. Contrast is the appropriate juggling of saturation in motifs. In the case of this style, people also often call it ornamental.

As a rule, the works in this style are sizable, but this is not the rule. Geometric patterns and other more complicated and complex drawings are very popular. They are rarely colored. So the color scheme often oscillates around black and red. These shades perfectly harmonize with each other and create a wonderful contrast.

Dotwork takes a lot of inspiration from good Old School. No matter what design you decide on, it will always be unique. If you are looking for a truly original tattoo, dotwork is something for you. Check out our gallery to see real dotwork masterpieces.

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