Horseshoe Tattoo

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Often the most interesting thing about looking at someone’s tattoo is the meaning behind why the wearer chose it. One of the things that makes tattoos so interesting is that each tattoo and symbol has multiple meanings which actually makes the tattoo even more personal to the wearer. Horseshoe tattoos are no different and are great symbols for both men and women tattoo wearers. Like most tattoos, horseshoe tattoos come with more than one meaning.

The horseshoe tattoo has two primary meanings. This tattoo design is often either worn by people who love horses, have horses, or are horseshoe pitchers. The second main meaning is, of course, that the horseshoe is a symbol of luck.

Other meanings for the horseshoe tattoo that are not as common are fertility and protection. Horseshoes are considered protective symbols because they were first created by the Romans to protect the feet of the horses they used. Tattoos have been worn throughout the ages as charms, amulets and symbols of protection. If you are looking for a tattoo for protection or good luck, the horseshoe tattoo may be the perfect symbol for you.

How to Wear the Horseshoe Tattoo

How to wear the horseshoe tattoo really depends on where you come from, how you look at the world and what you believe. There are two primary ways to wear the horseshoe tattoo:

1) Wear the horseshoe tattoo with the open part facing upwards (like the letter “u”). In doing so, you allow the good luck to collect in the horseshoe.

2) Wear the horseshoe tattoo with the open part facing downwards. In doing so,  you are letting the bad luck fall out.

The horseshoe tattoo can be worn on any part of the body as it is a simple symbol to create and is one that is easily sizable. It really does not take much difficulty to make the symbol larger or smaller and it does not require any tweaks whether you decide to wear the symbol on your ankle, , arm, back, wrist, neck or shoulder.

You can even have multiple horseshoes wrapping around your leg or your arm as part of a sleeve if you prefer smaller horseshoe symbols but want a large tattoo. There are many options with this tattoo. 

Design Ideas for the Horseshoe Tattoo

If you want to make the horseshoe tattoo even more personal you can add other elements to it to make the tattoo unique. If you are wearing it because you are a horse lover or horseshoe pitcher, you can include the horseshoe in your tattoo along with a tattoo of a horse.

If you are interested in getting this tattoo because you view it as a good luck symbol, you can intertwine the horseshoe tattoo with a tattoo of an 8-ball, lucky 7’s, a four leave clover, or Aces and face cards. You can add dice, your lucky number or any other symbol that brings you luck. 

The horseshoe tattoo is a great tattoo for anyone interested in carrying around with them some extra luck or displaying their love for horses. It is very customizable and one that is easy for tattoo artists to work with. Celebrities like Scarlett Johansson sport this tattoo as well. If you take some time to think about where you would like to place your tattoo and how you want to individualize it, you will certainly have a horseshoe tattoo design that you love. *

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