Fire theme in tattoo

Do you like it ?

Is it possible to capture something as elusive as the element? The fire theme in tattoo is quite popular and allows for creativity.

Fire is the state of burning that produces flames that send out heat and light, and might produce smoke. A flame is the visible, gaseous part of a fire. It is caused by a highly exothermic chemical reaction taking place in a thin zone. Furthermore color and temperature of a flame are dependent on the type of fuel involved in the combustion.

These tattoos can clearly take many forms. The fun thing to note here is that not only do these look good, but they have a much deeper meaning that goes beyond pretty little flames. Fire tattoo is a symbol of everlasting power, dominance, and strength.

Fire symbolizes the process of burning. Traditionally, in many cultures, it has been the symbol of purity and wisdom. Moreover the fire in relation to the phoenix symbolizes rebirth, transformation, and also the circle of life.

The color red also shows your steamy side, your will to rule, sensuality, and dominance. So if you’re someone who is a dominant person who loves to get all the attention and exposure you’re going to enjoy fire symbols and fire tattoos.

Also, this type of tattoo looks good both as minimalist and realistic. The 3D fire tattoo has a realistic effect thanks to the distinctive color combination. The bright orange flame represents courage and purity. The shading includes a red and slightly black color combination. Finally arranging small parts of the flame here and there gives a nice finishing touch to the design.

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