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This category is designed to gather all women tattoo designs from the shoulders

Totoro tattooTotoro tattoo

Do you like it ?The great cartoon “My neighbor Totoro” can be an inspiration for a beautiful Totoro tattoo. This is a great object for tattoo art. If you’re a fan of Japanese animation, then you’re definitely familiar with this

Crown tattooCrown tattoo

Do you like it ?Crowns have been part of the tattoo world for many years. Crown tattoo can be realy interesting and has a striking visual appearance. A crown is a circular ornamental headdress. Monarchs wore it as a symbol

Warrior tattoosWarrior tattoos

Do you like it ?Are warrior tattoos reserved for men only? No! If you feel like a warrior yourself or you admire other warriors you should get such a tattoo. HERO The meaning of warrior is a person who fights

Scorpio tattooScorpio tattoo

Do you like it ?Tattoo with a scorpion is often made by people born under this zodiac sign. Scorpio tattoo can be unique, personalized and attractive ink. SIGN Scorpio (♏︎) is the eighth astrological sign in the zodiac, originating from

Upper arm tattoosUpper arm tattoos

Do you like it ?Upper arm tattoos are still popular among women and are often done. It will always remain so. It can be a perfect artwork for you. How they are arranged and how creative they are in terms of

Christmas tattooChristmas tattoo

Do you like it ?When you love Christmas time don’t be afraid to get a Christmas tattoo. It will allow you to adore this feast absolutely every day. It is a special day people celebrate each year to honor the

RIP tattoosRIP tattoos

Do you like it ?RIP tattoos are the tribute to a loved one. If you want to remember someone who has passed away, you can think about a tattoo like this. PHRASE Rest in peace (RIP) is a phrase from

Script tattoosScript tattoos

Do you like it ?Script tattoos are a super popular genre of tattooing, and for good reason. The beauty of this tattoo is in its simplicity. There’s a ton of room for creativity and expression through script tattoos. The key