RIP tattoos

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RIP tattoos are the tribute to a loved one. If you want to remember someone who has passed away, you can think about a tattoo like this.


Rest in peace (RIP) is a phrase from the Latin requiescat in pace. Is sometimes used in traditional Christian services and prayers. Such as in the Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican and Methodist denominations, to wish the soul of a decedent eternal rest and peace.

The phrase was first found on tombstones some time before the fifth century. It became ubiquitous on headstones in the 18th century. And is widely used today when mentioning someone’s death, regardless of religion.

Dead is one of the saddest moments in life, when you lose someone that you love and care about. These people from your family are irreplaceable in life. No one can take their position in your heart.


RIP tattoos can be a tribute to the passing on of a loved one. Or, more abstractly, an aspect or concept that has seemed to fade away. Most often, people use RIP to commemorate a death with respect and compassion. With the help of such a tattoo you can also remember the memories that you shared and the long path that you traveled together.

The RIP tattoos come in many forms. You can choose unique and touching ideas for memorial and RIP tattoos, from the intricate and colorful to the abstract and monochromatic. Some memorial designs contain messages regarding love, while other tattoos feature religious imagery.

When it comes to RIP tatoo design it is usually the date of death and the name of the person. RIP tattoos also depicting symbols like a ribbon wrapped around a cross, or including the dates of someone’s life. You can use as well wings, a halo, hourglass, footprints or roses.

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