Black and white tattoos

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If you’re looking for a more subtle bit of ink, maybe black and white tattoos designs will be interesting for you.

Black and white tattoos never goes out of style. It has the ability to be classic and yet so modern and distinctive. Tattoos don’t have to be big, bold and full of colors to be beautiful.

To add to the appeal of a black ink tattoo, artists often make incredible use of the negative space and add in a bit of white ink to make the piece pop, which also adds dimension.

White ink shows up differently depending on a person’s skin’s pigmentation. An interesting way to get a tattoo is to use white ink over black ink. Often tatoo artists drawn designs within other designs with just a bit of white for effect. Sometimes the white ink isn’t even really noticeable, but it does add so much to the piece. Hints of white ink can be both subtle and bold, and always look amazing.

In these monochromatic designs the pattern and place of the tattoo do not matter. in that case you are only limited by your imagination.

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