Side tattoos

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Side tattoos never go out of style. They are undeniably sexy, powerful and timeless. You can express yourself with it.

This type of ink is ideal for artistic, sensitive and confident women who aren’t afraid to be open and honest about their emotions. Such tattoos are not only elegant but also give you a dose of edginess.

This specific part of the body is a relatively large area that allows for small, medium and big tattoos. Options are truly endless in terms of designs you can rock.

Your side is one of the best options for placing a tattoo. Those tattoos are hidden under most tops but mesmerizing under a tank or swimsuit.

Your side tattoo can be anything you want. Your dream ink can be something romantic, bold, cute, feminine or minimalistic. When it comes to design, you should opt for something that represents you. Something that will reflect your personality and values, or holds special meaning in your life.

Let your body become a canvas for art. Don’t be afraid to use striking designs, bold colors, and intricate artwork. Check out our suggestions for side tattoos in gallery.

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