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Simple line tattoosSimple line tattoos

Do you like it ?There is a beauty in simplicity. Simple line tattoos are gorgeous and intriguing in their purity. Such tattoos are also good for beginners. Basically every tattoo is made of lines, but there are those that aren’t

Small hand tattoosSmall hand tattoos

Do you like it ?Small hand tattoos are rather a trendy thing. They are small, delicate, meaningful, sometimes romantic and really feminine. Hand tattoos attract more attention than tattoos in other parts of the body, except for face tattoos. Visible

Tattoo OutlinesTattoo Outlines

Do you like it ?Tattoo outlines are the biggest style trend hitting the tattoo scene. Tattoo outlines are the most modest and incredibly simple. It is an option for a women looking for a perfectly elegant piece of ink. An

Ocean TattooOcean Tattoo

Do you like it ?An ocean tattoo is a substitute for this enormous force of nature. Wave and ocean tattoo is very aesthetic, especially because of its elegancy. This kind of tattoo is quite symbolic and represents something mighty. What