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  • Bikini Script Tattoo

    Lucky you script tattoo
    Do you like it ?

    Do you like it ?Observing Instagram and various tattoo websites, I found myself getting a bikini area tattoo – the groin – more and more often. A very interesting place to get a tattoo, but also very painful. Let’s not forget that every tattoo hurts no matter where it is on the body. After all, […]

  • Arrow
  • Collarbone Arrow Tattoo

    Simple arrow tattoo on women collarbone
    Do you like it ?

    Do you like it ?Each of us has some life goals and dreams. The symbol that reflects this is the arrow. The arrow is associated with the speed, dynamics of change in general by movement but also by love. This is related to the popular myth of Cupid, whose attributes were just arrows and a […]