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 In this post, I shall focus mainly on the meaning of getting a Crow tattoo done (or many crows). Getting a crow tattoo can mean many things, ranging all the way from the profane to the sublime. It is at this point that one should enter the tattoo studio with enough knowledge on the tattoo one wants to get done.

A grouping of crows is described as a ‘murder’ of crows. In the West community,  the Crow has long been considered a bad omen.

 Even within cultures where the crow is seen as the keeper of sacred laws, it is still symbolic of the ‘dark side’ –  that which is unknown. The idea of  the crow representing a bad omen originated in Europe. It is thought that this is so because it has been observed neglecting its young. Unfortunately, the Bible hasn’t made the crow’s cause easier either – with its tale of Noah, where he dispatched the crow in advance of the dove to search for dry land along with the crow failing to return. Along with this, the Greek myth deals with Athena punishing the crow for de livering bad news, forbidding it from ever again visiting the Acropolis, and turning it from a white bird to black.

The crow, as an animal, has made its presence well known; where to the ancient Celts, the crow was an omen of death and conflict, in England, seeing a solitary crow was a warning of ill fortune. Together with this, it is said that when a crow caws three times as it flies over one’s house, portended death. In Ireland, crows biding time in a tree’s branches without nesting, were viewed as souls from Purgatory.

On the other hand,encountering a dead crow is considered a sign of good fortune. In the Middle Ages, sorcerers employed the symbol of the crow’s foot to cast death spells, while in Russia, witches were believed to take the shape of crows. However, Chinese and Japanese myths chose to portray the crow as a loving symbol. One Chinese legend recounts how a crow became a solar symbol – in fact, the crow became the sun itself.  As a solar symbol, the crow represents the creative principle.

Adding on to this, it is well known that a crow, as an animal is very wise and clever – this in turn should be seen as something positive and as an inspiration. With this regards, northern American cultures saw crows as a spirit guide – messengers of prophets. Crows are also known to have a language and even though its sounds like cawing, each noise represents a different meaning. Crows’  intelligence means they can use and make tools.

Many people get crow tattoo as a representation of wisdomfuture and love. While some might see crows as bad omens, there are others who see crows as a new beginning or a mother’s womb before the light of a new birth. Crow tattoos can have a meaning of change and it is up to the individual’s perception to decide whether their tattoo is to be a good or bad change.

As a final touch, I shall write down what multiple crows within a tattoo are meant to represent. Like I said before, there are many interpretations when it comes to this particular animal, however I have decided to provide you with the meanings that I would personally go for Here goes:

One’s bad,
Two’s luck,
Three’s health,
Four’s wealth,
Five’s sickness,
Six is death

In my case, I chose to have six crows entering the ‘home’ feather – this to me represents the death of my past and in turn, since they are returning to their original form and are flying back home, it represents the knowledge of where I belong.

I hope you find this information useful and as a last note, I want to remind you that no matter what you decide to get, make sure you know what you want and also make sure you are well informed about it.*

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