Clouds on the skin

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Clouds on the skin is a great way to get a tattoo. This is a rather rare ink but is growing in popularity and it’s quite fascinating.

Cloud in definition is a visible mass of condensed watery vapour floating in the atmosphere. It istypically high above the general level of the ground. Clouds in nature come in different shapes and sizes. These grey or white mass that floats in the sky, can carry with them snow or rain. They can also be a herald of beautiful sunny weather.

Similarly, in the world of tattooing, clouds on the skin can take different forms. It all depends on the style you choose. You can use just an outline or an impressionistic form like watercolor. Moreover you can opt for a cartoonish or realistic version.

The best cloud tattoos represent the different shades of temperament. For instance, white cloud tattoos are a telltale sign of good fortune, prosperity, and all things positive. At the same time, a black cloud tattoo means the incoming of a storm and is a symbol of personal struggles, psychological torment, and difficulties in life.

It is worth mentioning that clouds are a perfect background for other tattoos and can be part of a larger work of art

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