Designs with purple ink

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Designs with purple ink can interest many different personality types. Although it is a popular color, it is not a common choice for tattoos.

Purple is any of a number of colors with a shade between red and blue. There’s something special about purple. It can be an energizing, neon color or a calming lavender mist.

The color purple is often linked to royalty, wealth and prestige. People have associated purple with royalty since ancient times. It was originally because Tyrian purple dye was extremely expensive in antiquity. It was from the mucus secretion of a species of snail. Moreover, people identify this color with success and achievement.

Purple is a color that we associate with rarity, royalty, magic, mystery and piety. If you combine it with pink it is connected with eroticism, femininity and seduction.

The ideal of the purple rose extends even further with the connection – via fairytales of princes and fair maidens – to love at first sight, and the thrill of mystery.

Purple flower tattoo ideas show the variety of styles and techniques that make purple flowers a popular standalone tattoo choice. As inspirations you can choose purple flowers such as violet, lilac, rose, lavender, etc.

Purple tattoos can look amazing on any type of skin depending on the exact shade chosen and the association of colors. In addition, purple tattoos can appear in an endless bundle of patterns, associations and techniques.

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