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Unique carousel tattoo designs

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Unique carousel tattoo designs are realy original and unusual. These incredible works of art aren’t only for horse enthusiasts.

Carousel is usually a large machine at a fair that turnsround and has wooden or plastic animals such as horses, elephants, swans or vehicles on which children ride.

Carousel tattoos represent indeed the freedom and strength that horses are known for. Courage, grace, beauty and companionship are some of the other meanings of a horse tattoo.

The symbolism of the carousel tattoo is directly related to wheels and circles. In fact people associate magical properties with the wheel. Traditionally, they believe that it is the purest and most meaningful symbol ever created. It has no beginning and no end. Carousels, like wheels, suggest movement: cyclical, repetitive motion with ups and downs.

As a metaphor, carousels have various universal connotations, most of which relate to the idealized innocence of youth. Moreover this tattoo design represents movement, freedom from care and wonderful memories from the past. It’s also a great way to remember your childhood, especially if you enjoyed going on the carousel with your friends.

The carousel horse is usually done in black ink with a feminine touch. But some people also prefer lively colors for that childlike sensation of excitement.

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